Denia Zerouali

Photographer and director based in Brussels


Portrait is the main subject of her work

Portrait is the main subject of her work. She is fascinated by the complexity of emotions revealed in a portrait
What we see, what we discover when trying to read a face…
Searching for a kind of truth, looking for answers… Nothing more fascinating than human face….

Denia started photography in the early 90’s.
She collaborated with French newspaper Liberation for a while before her talent was quickly recognized by advertising agencies.
She shot advertising campaigns for several years, working for famous international advertising agencies.

In 2007, Denia Zerouali established Photographes Productions, a production company she created to produce her own work and those of her colleague photographers and directors.

In 2010, Denia was commissioned by the Belgian Presidency of the European Union for a serie of portraits of international scientists.
The resulting exhibition was shown at the Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts de Belgique,
at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, the Parc Royal, and the Université Catholique de Louvain.

In 2012 her work was exhibited at the Palais des Beaux Arts as a part of the RTBF art collection.

Her interest and fascination for the human nature brought her to discover Therapeutic Photography, a discipline which considers photography not only as an Art but also as a form of emotional communication.
She continues to explore this path through her personal work, and has started to collaborate with psychotherapists and psychologists.

Beside all these activities, and as a need of transmit her 25 years experience in photography, Denia organizes workshops for students and all those who want to discover and practice photography.

Master class

Find what fascinates you as you explore this photography master class


From her 30 years of experience Denia Zerouali will teach you photography taking into account your own personality, your specific need in learning photography

 ENGLISH MASTER CLASSclique sur la flèche pour le français

  • Private or group lessons. In french or English.
  • Learn how to tell stories with a camera.
  • Shoot with natural or artificial light, and bring images to life with post-production.
  • Compose an image and find a balance among all the elements that build up a photograph. Learn how to dare take portraits of strangers. Be more self-confident with a camera in your hand.
  • Know how to look at your photographic work.
  • Select photographs. Choose between color od B&W
  • Streetphotography, portraits, or still life ; Her courses are tailored to the need of each and everyone.
  • Learn at your own pace from the level you are at, her courses are designed for beginner as well as experienced photographers.

Contact me to see how I can help you to become the photographer you want to be!

Avec ses 30 ans d’expérience, Denia Zerouali vous apprendra la photographie en tenant compte de votre propre personnalité et de vos besoins spécifiques.

MASTER CLASS EN FRANCAIS – click on the arrow for English

  • Cours particuliers ou collectifs. En français ou en anglais.
  • Apprenez à raconter des histoires avec un appareil photo.
  • Photographiez à la lumière naturelle ou artificielle et donnez vie aux images grâce à la post-production.
  • Composez une image et trouvez un équilibre parmi tous les éléments qui composent une photographie.
  • Osez faire des portraits d’inconnus. Ayez plus confiance en vous avec un appareil photo en main.
  • Sachez regarder et analyser votre travail photographique.
  • Sélectionnez vos photos. Faites le choix entre la couleur et le noir et blanc.
  • Streetphotography, portraits ou natures mortes, ces cours sont adaptés aux besoins de chacun.
  • Apprenez à votre rythme en fonction de votre niveau, que vous soyez photographes débutants ou confirmés.

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